WW2 Polish Commando Press Photograph
June 18, 2019
WW2 Polish Press Photo Italian Campain
June 18, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish Photo Portrait – Warsaw City Battalion


8.4cm x 5.8cm

3.3 x 2,2 inch

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A portrait photograph of a pre-WW2 Polish private of the “Batalion Stołeczny”, City of Warsaw Representative Battalion. Dressed in the wz.36 Polish uniform with visable initials on the shoulder boards and rare wz.38 belt buckle. Scarce Polish expermiental belt buckle wz.38 known as “Rembertówka”. Issued to several units across Poland for testing, a large part of the buckles was issued in Rembertów near Warsaw hence the name.

Inscribed on the revers “Na miłą pamiątkę z Batalionu Stołecznego B.W”, “A good souvenir from the City Batalion, BW”