WW2 Polish Books – Battle of Monte Cassino 3 Vol. Wańkowicz – First Edition
September 25, 2021
WW2 Polish Soldier Portrait – 2nd Polish Corps
September 25, 2021

Pre-WW2 Polish Paratroopers Exercise Nowa Wilejka (III)


Poland, Nowa Wilejka, Paper, 8.8cm x 5.8cm.

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A photograph of a Polish paratrooper in flight. Equipped with a parachute of Polish production (Wytwórnia balonów i Spadochronów Warszawa – Factory of Balloons and Parachutes, Warsaw).  Photographs inscribed on the reverse with numbers.

A pre-WW2 Polish photograph showing the parachute course during exercises in Nowa Wilejka. The course was organized by LOPP – Airborne and Antigas Defence League Badge.

A rare photograph showing the beginnings of Polish parachuting, the photo was probably taken around 1938-1939, near Wilno