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June 30, 2019
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June 30, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish Officers Dress wz.28 Belt Buckle


Brass silver plated, 54mm diameter.

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Polish officer’s dress belt buckle, introduced in 1928, worn with salon attire (at official visits, banquets, balls, official receptions, family celebrations, at the theater).

The buckle made according to the pattern: … “made of white metal (silver-plated bronze, oxidized) with a 3 mm thick edges, slightly concave towards the center, with a rim width of 7 and ½ mm, in the created circle with a diameter of 3.75 cm, there is a bas-relief depicting a male head, dressed in an antique helmet. The convexity of the head drawing is approximately 3 mm. The buckle is attached to the belt with two bows, made of 2 mm thick wire, of the same metal as the buckle. The buckle is permanently attached to the right bow, and to the left one is attached to a strap, placed underneath the buckle. “

The reverse is plain (with the convex signature of the Polish State Mint visible in the upper part), the fastening of the buckle to the belt is visible on both sides, and a separate clasp (probably a second one).

Good condition as in the photos with signs of use.