pre-WW2 Polish Officers Dress wz.28 Belt Buckle
July 30, 2018
Pre-WW2 Polish Helmet wz.31 Silesian Police “Salamandra”
July 30, 2018

Pre-WW2 Polish NCO wz.21 Saber Sword – Borowski

1922-1939, Warszawa

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pre-WW2 Polish 1921 pattern Non-Commissioned Officer sword, manufactured by Weapon Factory of Gabriel Borowski in Warsaw. Nickel-plated guard and pommel, which characterizes sabers intended for non-commissioned officers. NCO sabers are a rarity on the collector’s market.

Nickel-plated saber blade with a slight curve and a single fuller. The blade has a flaw in the form of small depressions on both sides (in the photos). Single-edged pen. Small rust spots under the nickel. On the inside of the blade, G.BOROWSKI WARSZAWA is signed.

Closed d-guard made of nickel-plated brass. The pommel of the saber is directed towards the blade with a characteristic cap fastened with a brass screw. The guard marked on the underside with number 4. The shank of the handle is wooden, profiled, covered with black leather with a brass filigree braid. Scabbard made of steel, visible remains of nickel plating. Ended with a heel, with a small hole due to corrosion.


The total length of the sword is 97.6cm

The length without the scabbard is 93cm

Blade width 3.4cm

Blade length 80.3cm