WW2 Polish Badge 19/20 French Infantry Group – Number 20
September 26, 2021
Pre-WW2 Polish LOPP Airborne and Antigas Defence League Badge
September 26, 2021

pre-WW2 Polish Navy Presentation Pennant 1937


(Without chain) 21mm x 9mm, silver-plated brass. Around 1937.

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Pre-WW2 Polish Presentation pennant from the sports competition of the Navy Fleet Championship, 1st place in Basketball.

Badge in the shape of the Polish Navy flag. White and red flag, in the center of the upper part of the flag, a visible eagle in a crown, the Polish coat of arms on a red shield. Pennant hung by a chain.

Smooth, silver-colored reverse with engraved dedication. (Mistrz Floty. I M. Koszyk 1937 ).