Pre-WW2 – Polish Army Military Poster
December 1, 2019
WW2 Polish Signal Lieutenant Jacket
December 11, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish Navy Military Poster


Poland, 1927-1936, paper, 100cm x 70cm

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A poster from the inter-war period showing the “Signs of the Navy Ranks”. The board allows you to read the Polish Navy’s ranks on hats, shoulder boards and sleeves. Also, the emblems of individual Navy specialists on the sleeve.

The poster was designed by Kazimierz Sejda, a well-known author of the novel “C.K Deserters”, later the insurget of the Warsaw Uprising. The poster was made in 1927-1936 by the printing press of the Ministry of Military Affairs. On the reverse the stamp “Exlibris Staromieście”. Good condition, colors are vivid and transparent. The poster has been folded, which caused cracks, paper defects and tears. Some of the edges have minor damage in the form of tears and cavities.