pre-WW2 Polish Navy Presentation Pennant 1937
September 26, 2021
Pre-WW2 Polish Podhalański Regiment Portrait Photograph 
December 16, 2021

Pre-WW2 Polish LOPP Airborne and Antigas Defence League Badge


1928-1939, Warsaw, Poland 14.5mm x 11mm.

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Pre-war Polish badge of the Airborne and Antigas Defence League. Badge in the form of a stylized plane badge and two anti-aircraft searchlights. Below is the abbreviation of the letters LOPP (Liga Obrony Powietrznej i Przeciwgazowej).

  Flat reverse with the impressed price of the “1zł”  meaning 1 Polish zloty. In the center of the reverse of the badge there is a threaded post with a nut. Round nut with the manufacturer inscribed “Grawerzy, Marszałkowska 106, Warszawa”.

  Badge sold before the war to raise money for the Airborne and Antigas Defence League Badge. The money was spent on the development of the organization and the purchase of aviation and sports equipment, research, aviation and parachute training, the development of aviation structures and publications.