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June 30, 2019
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July 3, 2019

Pre-WW2 Polish Helmet 1928/35 Pattern


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The shell is deep, one-piece. Clearly visible profiling, the edges of the helmet have not been rolled, but cut with a sharp edge. Helmet in a khaki color, visible 5 rivets fixing the inside of the helmet and the lining. The interior features a metal rim with three leather inserts attached to it. Each insert is cut into two tongues with lacing holes (several damaged tongues), and white linen pockets attached to them. White pouches in pockets. Part of the helmet lining and all pockets with pillows are preserved as well as a part of the chinstrap.

Polish helmet wz.28 / 35 for medical units. Popularly known as the “wz.28” helmet, the version with a short neck and without a comb.