Pre-WW2 Polish Officer’s Saber Sword wz.21 – Borowski
June 30, 2019
Pre-WW2 Polish Helmet 1928/35 Pattern
June 30, 2019

Pre-WW2 Polish Entrenching Tool Shovel “Kres”


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A Polish pre-WW2 Infantry shovel with leather cover. Shovel handle made of wood, profiled, with a rounded tip, marked KRES. Shovel with a triangular end, attached to the handle with 5 rivets. Comes together with an original frame cover made of leather, lined with thick linen thread, and reinforced with brass rivets. At the bottom of the frame, a leather loop with steel fasteners, used to attach the shovel, in the upper part of the frame, a long strap to protect the shovel from falling out of the frame. Dobry stan ze śladami użytku jak na zdjęciach.