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November 19, 2019
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Pre-WW2, Jan Żaroffe, Portrait of Major Stefan Zieliński


1933, Krynica, Poland

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Set of souvenirs after Major Stefan Zielan Zieliński. Officer of the 5th Infantry Regiment of Legions murdered in Palmira near Warsaw in 1940.

The set consists of a set of photos and an engraved portrait on a wooden plaque of Majora Stefan “Zielan” Zieliński made by the artist Jana Żaroffe in Krynica 1933. 

  Major Stefan “Zielan” Zieliński, born on 4th December 1875, murdered by the Nazi Germans in Palmiry near Warsaw on 21st June 1940. Soldier of the 1st Brigade of Legions, 5th Infantry Regiment. He fought in Tadeusz Wyrwa-Furgalski’s company. Decorated with the Virtuti Militari Cross, four times with the Cross of Valor, Badge of the General Inspectorate of the Armed Forces and other decorations.

Jan Żaroffee (1888-1952), “Sculptor artist. Graduated from the “Kenara” school in Zakopane and the Decorative Arts College in Krakow. Ksawery Dunikowski considered him one of the best sculptor practitioners in Poland and directed him to the practice of his students. He carved in stone – he made a bust of Archbishop Sapieha, he made marble tombstones: at the municipal cemetery in Nowy Sącz we can admire one of the most beautiful court monuments called: Angel with a broken wing, and the tombstone of Father Sulma. He was connected in a special way with Krynica, according to his design, “Patria” was arranged – a luxurious hotel of Jan Kiepura built in 1933, he also created a wooden panorama of Krynica, a present for the Dutch princess – Julianna, who often visited Krynica. In 1935, on the occasion of the World Hockey Championships, Jan Żaroffe decorated Krynica with his carved ice sculptures. He also became famous as a creator of wooden decorative arts. Died in 1952.”