pre-WW2 Polish Large “Sokół” Falcon Award – Weightlifting 
May 26, 2022
pre-WW2 Polish 36th Infantry Regiment Group Legitimation Card
June 2, 2022

pre-WW2 Gold Polish State Sports Badge – 1st Class


Gilded Brass, Enamel 32mm x 28mm, Poland 1930-1939

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Gold Polish National Sports Badge, 1st Class, bronze. Awarded for positive results of a physical fitness test.

The badge shows a stylized white enamel Polish eagle, with its wings spread upwards, sitting on a wreath. Between the wreath and the claws of the eagle visible red enameled letters (POS), abbreviation for “Państwowa Odznaka Sportowa” – State Sports Badge.

The reverse is plain with the letters. A threaded post is visible in the center. A decorated nut. Signs of wear, some enamel damaged.