post-WW2 Polish ZHP Scout 50th Anniversary Silver Badge
April 21, 2022
post-WW2 Polish ZHP Scout 50th Anniversary Bronze Badge
April 21, 2022

Post-WW2 Volunteers Badge of Polish Institute and General Sikorski Museum


Circa 1977, Mieczysław Białkiewicz London, 18mm x 10mm

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 Volunteers of the Polish Institute and the Gen. Sikorski Museum in London organized themselves into the “Brotherhood of the Golden Saber” and have their own regulations. The Chapter of the Golden Saber Brotherhood gives its members a special badge, made according to the design of S. Żurawski by Mieczysław Białkiewicz in London.

  Badge in the form of a handle of the Polish wz.34 saber so-called “Ludwikówka”. Inside the guard there is a Polish wz.19 eagle. On the reverse signed MB – Mieczysław Białkiewicz.

  Rare collector’s item.