WW1 Rare Polish Eagle of the Society of Polish Knights from Amsterdam NY, USA
June 5, 2019
post-WW2 Polish Veteran Officers Navy Bullion Cap Badge
June 5, 2019

post-WW2 Polish War Navy Large Banner


Circa 1963? Linen, Cloth. Circa 186cm x 156cm.

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Banner in the form of a red and white cross, in the middle a blue coloured arm holding a sword. The edge is marked “PROP.MAR.WOJ. 156X186 SYMBOL 1/63”. Stands for “Proporzec Marynarki Wojennej” – Banner of War Navy. 1/63 most likely stands for the date of production (1963).

 Banner of the Polish War Navy, second most important insignia on the War Ships of the Polish Navy (after the National Flag). This pattern was used during the 2nd Polish Republic (1919-39), Polish Armed Forces in the West (1939-47), and by the Polish People’s Navy (1959-1993). This example was most likely made in 1963. Minimal wear and tears as on photographs. Great display piece over 50 years old!