WW2 Polish Resistance Sabotage Lighter “Sabotażówka”
April 29, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Medal 10 Years of Independence 
April 29, 2019

post-WW2 Polish Photograph of General Edwin Rozłubirski


1958-61, 85mm x 61mm

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Photograph of Colonel Edwin Rozłubirski, as the commander of the 1st Prague Mechanized Regiment. He was one of the organizers of the Polish Communist Airborne Troops. In the years 1963–1968 he was the commander of the 6th Pomeranian Airborne Division. Promoted to General.

 Visible decorations, including the Grunwald Cross, the Virtuti Militari Cross, the Restituta Polonia, the Cross of Valor and others.

“Edwin Gustaw Rozłubirski, ps. “Gustaw” (born May 4th, 1926 in Białystok or Warsaw, died May 12, 1999 in Warsaw) – Major General of the Polish Armed Forces, soldier of the People’s Guard and the People’s Army during World War II, participant in the Warsaw Uprising, writer and social activist. A long-time member of the Supreme Council of the Union of Fighters for Freedom and Democracy and a member of the Council for the Protection of Memory of Struggle and Martyrdom in 1988–1990. In the years 1989–1999 he was the president of the Association of Polish Paratroopers.”