WW2 Polish Beret Badge 10 Bridge Engineers Company
June 6, 2019
post WW2 Polish Rogatywka Wielkopolska Army Veteran
June 8, 2019

post-WW2 Polish pair of veterans’ medals


1970-80, Great Britain, Mieczysław Białkiewicz

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Award in the form of a cross For Freedom and Independence. Gilded obverse, in the center a crowned eagle surrounded by a circle of barbed wire, an inscription (freedom, independence) on the horizontal arms of the cross, an inscription (RP, Za, and data, I. IX 1939) on the vertical arms. Gilded reverse. Medal on a ribbon in vertical stripes of color, white, burgundy, black.

French WW1 Volunteer Cross, in the arms of the cross there are laurel leaves, in the middle a round shield with the profile of the face of a soldier dressed in an Adrian helmet, an inscription (Republique Francaise) around the shield. 1914-1918). Medal hung on the ribbon in vertical stripes of yellow, green and red.