WW2 Polish Patch for Beret Badge of the 7th Armored Regiment
August 20, 2020
WW2 Polish Driver Badge
August 20, 2020

Polish Veterans Photograph Album



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 An album relating Kulpok Andrzej of the 17th Signal Battalion of the 2nd Polish Corps. The album includes circa thirty photographs from the war time period, and few post-war/reprint photographs. To the front cover is a brass plaque inscribed  “The Trail of the War 1944-47”. Above is a over-sized (37mm) Signal Badge which is most likely a veterans post-war production. 

 The album is beautifully designed, with full information of the owner, his wartime route map. After the war he returned to Poland in 1947. The album was made in 1993 and is dated on the back cover.