WW2 Polish Eagle Cap Badge – Middle East
May 13, 2023
WW2 Rare Polish Eagle POW Camp Denmark 1945
May 13, 2023

Polish Patriotic Eagle Krakow – Marcin Jarra


Brass, 29mm x 22mm, Circa 1900-1939, Marcin Jarra Cracow

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Crowned eagle with head turned to the left, wide wings directed upwards. An eagle die stamped in brass. On the reverse, in the middle a threaded post with a spinner.

Polish Eagle made in Krakow by Marcin Jarry’s company. Used as patriotic jewelry and on trays.

This position is described by Mr. Tomasz Zawistowski in the book “Polish eagles for hats in the years 1900-1917” page 293, illustration 462.