pre-WW2 Polish Photographs of Marshall Piłsudski
June 14, 2019
19th Century Patriotic Polish Pendant
June 15, 2019

Imperial Russian Officers Luxury Solid Silver Cossack’s Kinzhal Dagger


1886-1896, Vladikavkaz, (Ordzhonikidze, Dzaudzhikau). Length with scabbard 50cm

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 Fantastic Imperial Russian cossacks dagger known as kinzhal or khanjali. Solid silver scabbard and handle, richly engraved and decorated in niello, both hallmarked (84 zlotniki) for Vladikavkaz 1886-1896, silversmith AK, most likely Ali Kadiyev active 1886-1917. Visible signs of use as in photographs. 

Privately purchased dagger, used by senior officers of the Cossack regiments. In the attached photo the future Tsar Nicholas II Romanov with an almost identical dagger. Fantastic highest class dagger.