WW2 Polish Set of Collar Ranks of the Polish Air Force
June 1, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Patriotic Badge – Lublin Union Anniversary
June 2, 2019

19th Century Polish Gold Miniature – Virtuti Militari Cross IV Class

22.5mm x 22mm; gold 585, enamel

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Polish gold miniature of the Virtuti Militari Cross of IV Class, made in the second half of the 19th century. Miniature made of gold (14 carat gold).  Award in the shape of a golden cross, in the center a crowned white enameled eagle with wings spread. On the arms an inscription in black enamel “Virtuti Militari”. 

  Smooth reverse with a soldered pin. The number “7” is stamped on the lower arm and the hallmark of gold is stamped under the pin mount: 14K. It has a rosette embroidered in the ribbon colors of the Virtuti Militari Cross, slightly faded over the years.

Cross probably made in exile in France or Germany. Miniature probably worn by a veteran of the November Uprising of 1830/31 or the January Uprising of 1863/64. The number on the reverse may correspond to the issue number, there is a 5th class copy from 1863/64 with the number “5” on the reverse of the lower arm. An interesting, beautiful and rare specimen