18th Century European Flintlock Pistol
May 23, 2018
WW2 Polish Supply Units of the 1st Armored Division Group – Badge, Pennants & Documents
May 25, 2018

17th Century Beautiful Flintlock Blunderbuss 1697 Germany

Total Length 111cm, barrel length, 76cm.

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A beautiful blunderbuss, set in a walnut stock, made at the end of the 17th century in Germany. Beautiful condition after conservation for the connoisseur of black firearms. Steel barrel, smooth, flared at the end, bottom part of the barrel in hexagon shape, marked “IOHANN ACHATIUS BISCHOFF 1697”. Flintlock mechanism,on the steel plate maker: “HANS. CHRISTOF. LEIB. 1697”. Stylized counter-plate and trigger guard.

 A walnut stock, sculpted in the bottom part in the motif of a stylized plant, finished with a steel butt plate. The upper part of the stock near the barrel has an old repair.  In the butt a patch box with the modern signature of the previous owner inside. A beautiful late 17th century blunderbuss in a fantastic condition as on photographs. 


Sold as a collector’s item.